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How to Read Your Meter

How Can I Read the Meter Myself to Monitor Water Use?

Fair Oaks Water District meters are read every two months. You can monitor your water use more closely by reading your own water meter at any time. The process is as simple as locating your water meter and writing down a reading off of the meter register.

If you need help reading your meter, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you.

Why Should I Read My Meter?

You can monitor your own water use, as well as check for leaks. We recommend you read your water meter regularly and record readings on a monthly basis. Over time, you will be able to predict your average monthly water use.

Locating Your Meter

May contain: wristwatch

Most water meters are located in the front of the house, usually near the curb or sidewalk. The meter is located inside of a rectangular box that lies flush with the ground, often near other utilities. It is important to keep landscaping and other obstructions clear of the meter box.

Record the number. In 30 days, read the meter and record the number again. Subtract the first reading from the second to determine your water consumption. This number represents how much water has passed through the meter over the 30-day period to the nearest 100 cubic feet (CCF).

Converting Your Reading into Gallons

Every 100 CCF registered on the water meter is equivalent to 748 gallons of water. Multiply the recorded water consumption (CCFs) by 748.

For example, if you have determined that your water consumption is 2 CCFs between meter read dates, this means you have used 1,496 gallons of water (to reach this number, you would multiply 2 times 748).