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Series 1000: General Policies

1000 Adoption/Amendment of Policies1010 Conflict of Interest1020 Public Relations1030 Emergency Operations Plan1040 Smoking

Series 2000: Board of Directors

2000 Authority of the Board of Directors2010 Rules of Decorum2020 Attendance at Meetings2030 Committees2040 Compensation2050 Duties of President & Vice-President2080 Directors' Benefits2090 Bonds for Directors and Officials2100 Association Memberships2110 Ethical Procedures and Prevention of Fraud2120 Candidate Statement Fees

Series 3000: Board Meetings

3000 Board Meetings3010 Board Meeting Agendas3020 Presiding Officer3030 Board Actions and Decisions3040 Board Meeting Conduct3050 Recording of Meetings3060 Minutes of Board Meetings

Series 4000: Personnel

4000 Executive Officer4010 Personnel Manual4020 Injury and Illness Prevention4030 Job Descriptions4040 Post-Offer Employment Medical Examination4050 General Manager's Performance Review4060 Chain of Command 4070 Employee Compensation4080 Employee Recognition and Retention Policy

Series 5000: Fiscal Management

5000 Budget Preparation5010 Audit5030 Accounts with Fiscal Agents5040 Fixed Assets Accounting Control5050 District Reserve Policy5070 Investment of District Funds5080 Petty Cash5090 Credit Card Policy5110 Procurement and Payment Policy5130 Inventory Management Policy5140 Deferred Compensation Policy

Series 6000: Operations

6000 Standard Specifications6010 Easement Abandonment6020 Environmental Review Guidelines6030 Cross-Connection and Backflow Prevention6035 Fire Hydrant Use and Maintenance6040 In-Line Booster Pumps6050 Metering of Services6055 Request to Reduce Metered Water Service Size6060 Water Conservation6070 Annexations6080 Processing of Claims6100 Record Retention and Destruction6101 Inspection of Public Records6110 Vehicle Repair/Preventive Maintenance6120 Waste Recycling6130 Dedicated Fire Service6200 Meter Reading6210 Rendering and Payment of Bills6220 Discontinuance and Restoration of Service6230 Deposits6240 Collections6300 Meter Maintenance

Series 7000: Charges

7000 Billing and Collection Fees 7005 Metered Water Service7010 Assessment Master List Copy Fees7020 Connection Fees7030 Construction Fees